The management of complex systems requires collaboration and data interoperability.We provide engineering services and standard-based technologies for data modeling and exchange.We help organizations in the Automotive, Energy, Rail, Aerospace and Defense sectors to better manage their complex systems.

Your Situation

You work in a company where products are complex, for example: Energy, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Rail. Many processes take place in your company as the product is designed, manufactured, supported, and disposed of. The processes produce, consume, and deliver product data.

Your Problem

Your company uses different systems and software tools to manage product data during its lifecycle. Most of the tools are proprietary and highly customized. Very few of them work with each other. You realize that if these tools don’t communicate and interoperate, you cannot execute your processes.

Our Solutions

In your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) strategy, Engisis enables and supports interoperability across the tools that manage your product data.

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