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Engisis provides engineering services and standard-based technologies for product data modeling and exchange

Product information modeling and deploymentProcesses and product dataSoftware implementation
Product information modeling and deployment

Engineering Data Exchange
A defense navy branch needs to automate the way product data are exchanged with the shipyards. It decides to use an international standard to model, support and improve the exchanges. Engisis has contributed to the development of a PLCS DEX modeling ship breakdown structures with associated interfaces for piping elements.

PLM support
A company in the power plant sector adopts a global PLM approach for its products’ lifecycle, from design to disposal. It needs a common data model to enable interoperability between the software applications managing product data. Engisis has participated in the analysis and application of standards to manage the data of complex products during their lifecycle.

Processes and product data

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) processes impose the exchange of product data between the defense and its prime contractors in the naval sector. The current way to exchange data has some limitations because it is i) specific to each program, ii) mostly manual and iii) not governed by formal processes. Based on the PLCS DEXes of the S3000L specification, Engisis implemented a proof of concept to overcome these limitations.

ILS Data Exchange
In an aerospace program, a prime contractor exchanges engineering data with a manufacturing company. The two companies intend to extend the scope of the data exchange to include Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) processes. Engisis helped deploying PLCS to add ILS data to the existing exchange mechanism.

Software implementation

Interoperability platform
In the NATO environment, a software application has been developed to share assets and maintenance resources between nations. everyPLM has been used to realize and coordinate the data exchanges between the NATO software application and the NATO’s members software applications. everyPLM has been used in the 2012 Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX).

Product data modeling
A new product data standard adopts a new architecture. This architecture involves the usage of XML Schemas, with which the customer is not familiar. Engisis has acted as consultant to ensure that these schemas are semantically well formed and compliant with ISO 10303-28.