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Il BIM e la progettazione del futuro: nasce l’IBIMI, Istituto per il BIM – Italia

Il BIM (Building Information Modeling) è divenuto ormai anche in Italia, un tema di grande interesse tra i professionisti del settore delle costruzioni. A marzo 2015, Engisis ha contribuito alla costituzione dell’ Istituto per il BIM – Italia (Institute for BIM – Italy), in breve «IBIMI»: un’associazione di soggetti accomunati dalla cultura, dalla formazione, specializzazione e pratica professionale di attività inerenti l’impiego ed utilizzo del Building Information Modeling (BIM). L’ Associazione è aperta a tutti coloro che operano ed intervengono nel campo dell’ ... Read more

La torre di Babele nella dimensione digitale dei prodotti

One of our recent articles, published by the Order of Engineers of Rome, shows why interoperability plays a strategic role in the delivery of capabilities. Read more

Using OSLC and STEP for PLM data integration

Product data exchange and sharing is complex and existing solutions are not totally satisfying Traditional interface designs use a point-to-point interface whereby each information system directly interacts with each other system. The point-to-point integration strategy does not scale well as new interfaces are required every time a new system needs to be integrated. Managers and IT have understood the value of using a canonical model as a neutral data format to facilitate product data integration. When each system is able to process the ... Read more

Training day on standard and interoperability in Naples

Within the OPTIMUS project, Engisis participated to a training session on standard and interoperability in Naples, Italy. The goal of the OPTIMUS is to provide to the companies of the Campania region in Italy the opportunity to improve the management of their product data by using product data standards. On January 20th in Naples, Italy, Engisis talked about how to use product data standards to enhance enterprise integration and interoperability for Product Lifecycle Management. Check out this video presentation (in italian):   More videos of Engisis ... Read more

Anna Moreno won the 2013 EUWIIN Internal Award prize

Anna Moreno, Engisis partner, won the 2013 EUWIIN International Award prize, in the EDUCATION & RESEARCH CATEGORY. The prize is organized by European Woman Inventors and Innovators Network (EUWIIN), and it is awarded to European woman who have excellent innovation capabilities. Anna arrived at the finals among 80 other women, coming from all around Europe. Thanks to her talent and efforts, Anna won the finals and she got the Gold Winner Prize.   In 1979, Anna Moreno graduated with honours in chemical engineering in Naples. ... Read more

NATO Codification Forum in Copenhagen

Codification, interoperability, and total lifecycle systems management: these are the three concepts that we tied together at the NATO Codification Forum in Copenhagen, November 6th and 7th , 2013. More than 150 people from all over the world attended this forum, most of them being representatives of the National Codification Bureaus of the NATO countries. Our US partners at Nexus sponsored this well organized event, and they kindly invited us to show the “Data as a Service” concept that we developed together. When I ... Read more
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