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Software libraries for the implementation of STEP

Engisis offers software libraries to help implementing STEP (ISO 10303) Application Protocols (e.g., AP242, AP235) or any standard based on the EXPRESS modeling language.

For example, Engisis offers the PLCS Software Development Kit (SDK). The PLCS SDK is a set of development tools designed to simplify the task of implementing PLCS in software packages that create and consume product data.

Key benefits of using the PLCS SDK include:

reduced effort to develop PLCS data importers and exporters;
fast deployment of PLCS within existing software and architectures;
compliance with the PLCS standard (ISO 10303-239) and its exchange formats;
compliance with the PLCS Data Exchange Specifications (DEXes) and their templates, as contained in the official OASIS DEXLib repository.
PLCS SDK at a glance